March 761/7

This past Monaco Grand Prix 2021, Williams celebrated its 750th Formula 1 Grands Prix entry. A success story that began in 1977, when Williams entered a modified March 761 in the Spanish Grand Prix. Behind the wheel, Patrick Nève, and the number, #27 no less.

march 761

This modified March 761 —Williams would not enter a car of its own until the following year— was powered by a Ford Cosworth DFV V8 engine. It took part in a total of 11 Grand Prix, with its best result coming at the Italian Grand Prix in seventh place. And despite the lack of success, it was what Frank Williams and Patrick Head needed to keep them in the Formula 1 world while they developed their own car. Be that as it may, that #27 is what allows us to be celebrating Williams’ 750th Grand Prix in Formula 1. And here’s to many more!


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