First and foremost, my name is Pablo Fernández and I’m currently an Aerospace Engineer working with Computational Fluid Dynamics for the automotive industry in Spain.

My ambition is to become a successful motorsport engineer, though aerospace has its perks too. But above all, the greatest ambition is to get a job I will enjoy, one where I can feel as if it where a hobby.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life —Confucius.

I was brought up in Bern (Switzerland) by my parents; my mother working for Suchard, which was pretty cool when I was a little lad. But before long we moved back to Spain, back to Galicia, which has some spectacular landscapes, like the one shown in the next photograph.

Speaking of Switzerland, it’s high time I retook learning some German. But as I already know some German —and as it is easier for me to learn should I need it—, I decided to start learning Japanese instead,

こんにちは、The Answer is 27へようこそ

River Sil in La Ribeira Sacra.

Now, take a look at the purpose of this blog.