Purpose of this blog

The main purpose of this blog is for it to serve as a companion to my curriculum vitae. In other words, to give an insight into my abilities an interests in a way that is not possible with a conventional CV.

But, what will I be showing in this web log? Well, the answer is 27.

Just kidding.

A work in continuous progress

What I intend to show is my abilities. My abilities with electronics, programming and CFD, amongst other various interests which I might consider useful in my career and towards future job opportunities. And to whet your appetites, my nearest future projects include:

  • CFD. I started with Fluid Dynamics early during college, and continued with a senior thesis in commercially focused computational fluid dynamics (optimization of air filtration systems) at CMT. Then, I was lucky enough to find a job within the automotive industry as a CFD Engineer.
  • Amateur rocketry. A collaboration with researchers from the Electronic Engineering Department to develop telemetry equipment during my latest years at the University.
  • Endurance. Knowledge and expertise gained from the amateur rocketry telemetry devices will be used to assist our BMW E30 in upcoming lowcost endurance racing events like the 24h de Guadix. For the past couple of years, our team was the sole promoter of the 24h of Ascari, held in the spectacular Race Resort in the south of Spain.
  • Go-Karts. Electronic devices like lap-timers or odometers are expensive for people who just want to have some fun with karting. Thus, might be I help some friends cut down their expenses.
  • Moto 125cc. Quite some time ago I’ve been suggested to develop some electronic device to substitute the more heavy rotors present in some ignition systems.

And why in English? Yep, you guessed right; the answer is 27.

No, seriously. It’s quite simple indeed. Aerospace engineering speaks English. Even French and Germans do when it comes down to Engineering. That, and because I intend this blog to be useful when the time comes, I will write primarily in English. Furthermore, it will help to improve my writing skills.